Anna has always felt connected to helping others fulfil their potential and this has driven her and guided her decisions in life.

The beginning of her career took her down the path of Personal Training then a move into Teaching. After the birth of her first child she founded a pre and post natal fitness franchise which aligned with her flexible life style whilst being a working mother. After the birth of her fourth child she sold the business and discovered Coaching.

Anna’s personal journey of becoming a mother of four children has given her insights and understanding on just how turbulent a ride motherhood can be. Experiencing several miscarriages and a premature loss taught Anna that grief isn’t talked about enough and just how soul-shattering it can be when it’s thrown your way.

We all deserve the opportunity to let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs and embrace new ways of thinking to thrive in all areas of our life.

Anna has completed her NLP Practitioners License and Brain Based Coaching Certificate, through which she brings a depth of knowledge and experience to her coaching conversations.

It is an honour for Anna to create a guided and safe space for women to reflect and come up with new ways of thinking.


We are delighted to bring together a number of New Zealand’s leading coaches to deliver on the Reconnect promise.