Fiona has worked across the corporate sector as a senior leader and has also set up and developed several businesses throughout her extensive career. Having worked in heavily male dominated sectors, Fiona understands from first hand experience the differences faced by women in many work situations, but in particular when balancing a new family and returning to the workplace.

Fiona's first business was set up while expecting her first daughter and part of the success of the business is attributed to the flexible work environment created for herself and her employees who were also balancing demanding and fulfilling roles with growing their family.

Now a mother to three daughters at varying stages of their careers, with two also entering the exciting and demanding years of new babies, Fiona is keen to ensure that they, and others, have the support required to make the best decisions for them and their families while transitioning into a new or existing role.


I am keen to ensure that you have the support required to make the best decisions for yourself and your family while transitioning into a new or existing role.

Fiona is also a champion of individuals making the most of their personal brand and ensuring that they give themselves the best chance of succeeding. This involves ensuring their brand reflects them accurately, growing their reputation, networking effectively and developing their influence - all key areas when aiming to successfully return to the workforce. Her latest book, 'Stand Out and Step Up’ is an easy to read toolkit which focuses on making the most of your greatest asset - you !

Fiona’s friendly and approachable style are key aspects of her coaching and mentoring approach. She brings her extensive career skills and experience together to fully support those she works with and assist them to understand and achieve their goals.