Reconnecting women with self, work and family

Reconnect Coaching addresses the challenges professional women face, and supports managers and organisations through our two bespoke and powerful programmes.

This Is Where It Starts

For women who are on parental leave or recently returned as a first time mother.

This can be a challenging time as they experience considerable changes. These are not only physical and emotional, but can also be at a deeper level in relation to self-identity, life and work goals.

Through this Reconnect Coaching programme, women can be given the necessary reflection time, guidance and support to re-emerge with a new self-identity.


It Never Stops

For mums of school aged children facing the ever changing role of motherhood, while at the same time, navigating their work and home lives and developing their careers.

The reality is we need to become Masters of Change during motherhood and this powerful Reconnect Coaching programme helps to achieve this.


Cultivating a Meaningful & Individualised approach

Our aim is to create a meaningful and individualised approach.

We do this through one to one coaching sessions with your Reconnect Coach, covering important touch-point topics.

  • Communication – defining and managing expectations and priorities
  • Developing your own tool box for maintaining level thinking and effective leadership in high pressure situations
  • Effective work/life management – finding the right rhythm between doing and resting
  • Building confidence through change – re-establishing your presence and how to make a positive impact
  • Re-establishing and building relationships and alliances
  • Goal setting for multiple dimensions of personal wellbeing as well as professional life
  • Providing exercise and nutrition advice which is realistic and specific to each individual.