The ultimate outcome of a Reconnect programme is a happy, fulfilled and work-ready employee feeling reconnected to the workplace and emerging with a feeling of confidence.


for our Reconnect Clients

Helping people perform to a high standard to achieve results as quickly as possible


Feeling highly valued and cared for by the company and building enhanced loyalty towards them.


Access to an external 'sounding board' for ideas.


Feeling supported and able to try out new approaches in a caring environment.


A sense of clarity about their pathway at work as a parent.


Effective work/life management - finding the right rhythm between doing & resting.


Increased motivation and improved health and fitness.

for Reconnect Sponsoring Organisations

People are your greatest resource, this is one area where you can set an enduring example of a commitment to caring

  • Performance

    Your valued employee comes back to work feeling ready and motivated to achieve results sooner, resulting in improved performance and reduced risk of turnover.

  • Reputation

    Visibly enhance your company’s reputation with regards to Employment Branding - People will see and hear about you looking after your employees by demonstrating your willingness to invest in people.

  • Knowledge

    Retain the organisational knowledge of your valued employee.

  • Care

    Actions speak louder than words. Your organisation has the opportunity to “walk the talk” and show your employee and others how much you care and value them by purchasing a ‘Reconnect’ Programme.

  • Innovation

    Your organisation will be seen as innovative and moving with the times by supporting your emerging staff with the ‘Reconnect’ Programme and valuing their holistic health and wellbeing.