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Over the last decade Jayne has worked with 100's of women and has found the more women she has worked with, the more consistent their concerns have been. She found that for working mothers, it was useful to hear that “you are not alone”, and there are others that feel like you feel, that have the internal critic, that worry about career progression and being “successful” and have mother’s guilt.

It is working mothers that typically find they are the ones trying to do everything for everyone else, and forget about their own needs and wellbeing in the process.

When Jayne’s family grew to three children, her depth and passion for supporting mothers returning to work also grew. Managing multiple children and taking periods of time away from progressing your career can bring further challenges and concerns. It was during this time Jayne realised the value in also supporting organisations and managers of working mothers, to tackle the issues from a wider perspective.

I feel it is vital to support mothers going on leave, returning to work and managing their career long-term.

Organisations and managers play an integral part in the success of mothers returning to work in the fullest capacity (leveraging their brain power and talent), continuing to progress and improving work and life outcomes.

Jayne feels it is vital to support mothers going on leave, returning to work and managing their career long-term.  She is focused on working with organisations to retain talented employees and provide career opportunities through which both the organisation and individuals continue to grow.


We are delighted to bring together a number of New Zealand’s leading coaches to deliver on the Reconnect promise.

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