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Tips and Resources from the Reconnect Coaching Blog, written by our talented team of coaches.

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How positive are you really?

How to create a strengths based approach How often have you heard people in your organisation who have just been through a development conversation...

We are what we tell ourselves

One of my favourite sayings is “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” by Henry Ford. I love this saying...

Increasing Confidence

Simple Strategies to Build Confidence I was asked recently what my favourite quote is, and there is one quote that stands out for me,...

Questions not Answers, Ask don’t Tell

What is a coaching approach? Coaching is about helping people to recognise and remove blockages that may be stopping them from developing or changing....

A Managers’​ Guide to Parenthood

Often when a team member announces she is pregnant, the onus and responsibility is often left to her, as to how she will manage...

The Myths of Flexible Working

We grew up in an era where either we or our parents would enter the workforce in our 20s with the idea of working...

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